If you already own a business website, you may know that without the proper digital analytics, optimizing a website and tracking success becomes impossible. This is why 360 Celsius offers a range of bespoke analytics tools, including Google Analytics to help businesses gain valuable insights to improve your digital content and reach out to a wider audience. In this way, we help companies harness the power of analytics so that they are able to improve the performance of their digital marketing strategies and reach their goals. This not only helps improve your campaigns, but also reduces costs.

Going Beyond Google

Nowadays, digital analytics has become a synonym for ‘Google Analytics’ but, in reality, there’s a lot more to digital analytics than just using the tool provided by Google. 360 Celsius provides consulting services and uses years of functional knowledge of the digital sphere to help businesses achieve their objectives. We are able to achieve that by using advanced big data solutions, predictive models and sophisticated techniques to “join the dots” and provide you with information that’s relevant to your business.


Advanced analytics means everything from measuring pageviews or users, to attributing traffic coming to your site, measuring visitor’s journey, monitoring him/her while converting into something valuable for your business and all the above should come in an easy-to-absorb manner and they are also related to your data but also to your competitor’s data.

Transform Your Digital Analytics

You know, numbers are the easier way to lie, therefore the challenge is to select from the sea of numbers, those that will actually assist your company to grow. And that requires a growth hacker with data analysis capabilities.

360 Celsius uses various types of analytics reporting, i.e. Google, hotjar, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. It is vital for the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data allowing you to take informed decisions and targeted actions. We specialize in Google Analytics along with other powerful analytics tools that you can use to maximize your digital footprint. We absolutely love deploying Tag Management solutions for our clients by utilizing Google Tag Manager. Our digital marketing professionals are also adept to setting up, tags, containers, triggers, and variables, to ensure the accuracy of the data which we receive. If you are looking for analytics and data you can rely on then you have come to the right place to grow your business. We use the Analytics tools that are custom fit for your business

As analytics we also mean the configuration of Google Analytics to capture:

  • The funnel of user journey
  • Goals
  • Events that will assist us to judge the performance of the growth plan.


360 Celsius is proud to provide the epitome of advanced digital analytics, which is the monitoring of micro and macro conversions. A macro conversion is a primary conversion on a website, for example, a completed sale on an e-commerce site or a completed lead generation form. A micro conversion relates to smaller engagements such as a newsletter sign up or a user watching a product video. Micro conversions can often precede the macro conversion.

Additional Services for In-depth Information


And that’s not all, our digital growth hacking professionals never shy away from going the extra mile in delivering a full-service experience our clients can appreciate. The following are just some of the additional services we offer:

Multi-channel funnel reporting API
Metadata, real-time and embed APIs
Management API – Programmatically access and alter account settings.
Implementing robust solutions to allow you to join online and offline data
Core Reporting API – Extract any data for reporting and storage within other systems.


Increase Customer Centricity with Cohort Analysis

We understand the importance of analytics when it comes to a digital marketing campaign, and fully understand the need for measuring the performance of your digital asset and the behavior of the audience it attracts is essential when optimizing digital marketing campaigns.

Measuring users in cohorts provides benefits in the consistency of analysis and is a technique well applied in the offline world. It helps analyze the long-term benefit of specific groups of customers (for example, customers who first visited within a specified timeframe). It’s the ideal way to monitor and judge upon your customer’s retention and identifies glimpses and blind points.We like to be fully transparent in our operations and train our clients as we work to optimize their websites.

360 Celsius will also assist you in defining the Main Business Metrics of your company based on the stage and the type of the later. For example, the main ones are:

  • E-commerce = Monthly revenue
  • Consumer Tech = Monthly Active Users

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