Campaign Optimization

360Celsius provides digital marketing consultancy services with the aim to help your business grow. We love digital marketing for e-commerce and driving sales. We do this by combining the latest tools with top talent to create brand awareness and deliver results. Most e-commerce businesses do not leverage their brand with great content that converts. Whether it’s in the planning phase or the promotion phase, 360 Celsius is going to be at the heart of your digital marketing campaign. We ensure your digital efforts are optimized for maximum results.

Although we have developed an expertise for SEO and marketing strategy, our services go far beyond solely using Search Engine Optimization to improve business growth.

Maximize the ROI of Your Marketing Budget

At 360 Celsius, we work closely with our clients to understand what they need. By helping identify the important metrices for digital marketing, our clients are able to build stronger relationships, while maximizing profitability that comes not only through the search engines, but also social media channels.

Our Goal

360 Celsius excels in optimizing conversions and in measuring and maximizing the ROI of your marketing budget. Conversion optimization is an integral part of our funnel analysis, and we always try to find the best fit between available client resources and applied optimization techniques. This ensures that our conversion designs are not only realized but also utilized by the client.

Why Us?


Trust, is a big factor of why we have been successful in what we do. With 360 Celsius, you are always going to know how your campaigns are performing. We always keep our clients in-the-know when it comes to the schedules and performance of their marketing campaigns across multiple channels. We deliver to our clients detailed dashboards and reports that can be used to inject corrective action at the earliest possible point. By hiring us, you can rest assured that our optimization will be completely transparent. We provide comparison data reports before any big changes are made to the marketing schedule, and also provide all our clients with clear KPIs of the best performing option.

Our Process

Target-Oriented Approach

360 Celsius proposes a target oriented, sprint-based approach with weekly reviews and reports to keep our clients in the know. Our approach begins with the creation of a baseline of metrics which describes the present status of the campaign.

Market Research & Data Collection

We use the data we gather during our creative sessions and combine it in our final analysis along with the marketing information and the targets of the campaign as provided by our client.

Brand Marketing Strategy Formation

Once we’ve got all the information we need from our client, including their business goals, we gather all the data we can on the niche and digital marketing best practices. Using the data we’ve gathered, we then set out to create various theories and flows that we propose to test. These are prioritized according to our experience, and by taking into account various factors, such as, the client’s market position and branding, the product’s marketing status and the flows applied by the competitive forces in the marketplace.

Testing and Refining Phase

We enhance these flows by applying A/B testing, advanced UX/UI practices and other growth techniques based on behavioral models of the target customer personas within a clearly defined customer segmentation. Our metrices monitor and identify any problems, and figures out ways in which it can be improved. We will make the necessary changes to improve ROI. Our aim is to design flows that secure the conversion of the interested goal seekers customer subset and create a measurable path towards the desired targets. By honing in on the marketing techniques that work, we are able to identify roadblocks early on, and work on ways to improve a brand’s current marketing strategy.All of these improvements add up in the end, creating more value for your marketing efforts.

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