Content Strategy and Marketing

Weare the specialists when it comes to creating awesome content for businesses that helps them target specific demographics and gets their audience talking about their brand. We are an experienced and talented team of marketing professionals who specialize in all things digital. We have helped developed digital content and marketing strategies for some of the largest brands in the world, and can do the same for you. The content marketing services we offer are ideal for startups, SME’s and large enterprises.

We Create the Content that Gets Noticed

To generate the most leads and increase your revenue, you need to create useful content. Around 70% of people would rather learn about products through content, and 68% of consumers spend time reading content from a brand they’re interested in. In the early days of Content Marketing, thin content was enough to engage prospects, because there wasn’t much content at the time. Fast forward to today, and you will find hundreds of companies all vying for the audience’s attention online. And that’s just for local search.

Don’t Get Lost in the Noise

In other words, in an increasingly competitive business environment, competition is fierce and Google raised the standard with its Panda updates, which means, those brands that want to get noticed need to update, when it comes to improving their digital presence. With so much information available online, it’s easy for your brand’s message to get lost in the noise. To attract attention of your digital audience you are going to need to create more in-depth articles and infographics and optimize your actions with a Content Marketing Strategy, and content tailor-made to the specific business and the different stages of the Buyer’s Journey in order to succeed.

Content Strategy

To help you achieve success with your digital marketing strategy, we will create content that informs, inspires and compels the reader to take action. The content strategy that we develop for our clients involves the preparation of a Content Calendar containing content topics, a How to guide for writing articles based on copyright rules and the distribution of those articles. Content marketing can take on many forms from how-to guides, to a website’s copy, blog posts, articles, interesting stories, whitepapers and video content. We understand that every company has different needs and goals when it comes to their content marketing strategy. This is the reason why we treat each client individually; creating a unique content strategy that’s tailored to their specific wants and needs.

To make sure our digital content is tailored and targeted according to specific campaigns, we use a robust and effective content strategy.

Three Stages to Content Marketing


Together, we craft content strategies that resonate with your online audience, and will help you get the attention you need to grow your business. The following is a quick guide to how our content marketing strategy is developed. If should be noted that there’s no cookie-cutter approach to a content marketing strategy, and different businesses have different needs which have to be met. At 360 Celsius, you can rest assured that you are going to be getting SEO-rich content to help you achieve maximum brand awareness.


25% – Preparation

  • Selecting very carefully the topic (start by checking trending topics on Google)
  • Finding a balance between original and curated content. It takes time and careful evaluation to create quality curated content and the result is oftentimes a very valuable piece of content that helps people seeking information on a given topic to cut through the clutter on the web and save time.

25% – Copywriting

  • Sometimes you will do that or we will take care with our copywriters. If the latter is the case, the only we need from you is passing through the domain expertise. Nobody knows your business better than you and your colleagues…
  • Creation of content in the appropriate format and using the appropriate tone of voice and content type depending on the platform it’s going to be delivered on, the target audience, the target user’s stage in the buyer’s journey and the goal we are trying to achieve through our content.

50% – Distribution/promotion

  • Promoting a blog post can involve a fair amount of thought and strategy
  • Selecting the audience -Who are you trying to reach? Your own community or a broader audience?
  • Selecting your targets/goals per article: What do you care most about — visits, signups, conversions, social shares, followers, or brand awareness?

We are a Full-Service Digital Marketing Company 

At 360 Celsius, not only do we offer comprehensive digital strategies along with extensive tools to help businesses reach their goals, we also offer meticulously crafted copy that caters to all of our clients marketing needs. By putting high-quality content at the center of your digital strategy, we make is possible for your clients to drive engagement and get noticed.

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