Engineering as Marketing

As a startup, growing your online audience and user base is going to be tough. Even with using all of the tools available at one’s disposal there’s always the chance of falling short of your marketing goals. This is where Engineering as Marketing or Data Driven Marketing comes in. Seen as the most effective weapon for growth hacking, Data Driven Marketing helps tweak existing marketing campaigns by utilizing all the tools available in the most efficient way possible, which is directed towards attracting online audiences to your brand.

360 Celsius is proud to be at the forefront of providing excellent Engineering as Marketing services to companies large and small, to help them reach their true potential when it comes to attracting online audiences and building their user base more efficiently than ever before.

Build Traction that Lasts

Surprisingly, Engineering as Marketing is a particularly under-utilized channel when it comes to building traction, and has proven to be quite valuable when executed properly. The reason for its under-utilization for marketing purposes is because the tools and processes are considered to be expensive for some startups and SMEs, and as a result, Engineering as Marketing has traditionally not been part of company’s marketing and growth plan.

But, all that is changing thanks to the release of new technologies that are leading to significant improvements in this particular area of marketing. Imagine a two-week long iteration or experiment where development of a small project is critical. It simply doesn’t fit, in terms of time nor in terms of budget.

Use Traction Channels You Never Knew Existed

At 360 Celsius we make it happen. Thanks to years of experience and expertise in providing Engineering as Marketing services to clients spread across various industries, 360 Celsius is able to effectively build your startup traction directly by building tools and resources that are designed specifically to reach more people. Our team specialize in designing bespoke tools such as, calculators, widgets, and educational microsites that help get your company in front of more potential customers, and as a result, can expand your customer base.

Your Marketing Department asked you for a new way to manage user engagement, or asked you for a quick way to capture a single-click feedback on an email. You have only two options and none will bring you the results you are looking for:

  1. a) To ask your engineering team to work in this marketing’s demand,
  2. b) To write specifications and submit this request through specialized sites such as PPH or…

…and then, you also have a third option: Us

Why Hire 360 Celsius?

If you are a startup that’s looking to create traction then we have got the solution for you.

We add value in multiple cases but especially when you want to:

Transform a business need into a small digital asset

Implementation of new digital assets or properties / microsites

Engineering support in automating feedback

Engineering support for marketing experiments

Engineering solutions in converting customers

Creation of Quick Prototypes

Engage Your Potential Audience

Marketing tactics have changed through the years and has evolved. Nowadays, marketing is all about powerful algorithms and unique content. The use of Big Data plays a big role in the marketing efforts of a company today. This is why Engineering as Marketing provides a unique opportunity for businesses to reach out to their target audiences by utilizing traditional tools that have been tweaked and upgraded to be more effective and efficient for the marketer.

The Benefits of Using Engineering as Marketing

Engineering as Marketing is a great way for startups and SMEs to reach out to new customers and introduce their brand to a larger audience in style. There are numerous benefits of using Engineering as Marketing to grow your business, for instance:

  • Adds more value for your current target audience
  • Offers long-term returns for business
  • Leads to significantly increased brand awareness
  • Creates potential new PR push
  • Adds utility for current and future audiences.

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