Inbound Marketing

Weare in the business of helping forward thinking brands gain an edge over their competition by improving their inbound marketing, and we drive measurable results. 360 Celsius is committed to delivering exceptional results by utilizing proven digital marketing methodologies to help deliver quality traffic to our clients, improving their customer base and helping them reach their bottom line.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Businesses have always relied on traditional broadcast-style marketing to create awareness for their brand. For the past 60 years, businesses used advertisements on the TV, radio, billboards and the Yellow Pages to get their message across to their audience. The coming of the internet completely transformed the marketing landscape forever. Today, every business worth its salt has got their own website, which acts as the first line of contact for their digital audience.

Inbound Marketing is an approach focused on attracting customers through content and interactions that are relevant and helpful, not interruptive. With Inbound Marketing, potential customers find you through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media. By creating and implementing an Inbound Marketing process and stack of tools, you can leverage the incoming traffic on your online properties, and efficiently guide your potential customers from prospects to all the way down to customers.

What is Inbound

Inbound Marketing involves focusing on creating and optimizing quality content for a digital audience that attracts them to your website. Since customers are always searching to find reliable and affordable products and services. We make it easier for them to find you. But, inbound marketing is not just about creating exceptional content. The following factors will also encompass your inbound marketing efforts.

Figuring out the existing user flows.

Creating a marketing funnel (from unknown user -> MQL -> SQL).

Designing the different customer paths that support the marketing funnel.

Putting together a list of necessary tools to support the Inbound process.

Setting up the user flows on the tools and implementation of your inbound strategy.

Integrating your inbound marketing efforts across all available online platforms (website, blog, app, etc.)

Our Inbound Marketing Services


At 360 Celsius, we live and breathe inbound marketing. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. If you are a business owner who is currently unhappy with the way your inbound marketing strategy is going, or want to introduce inbound to your marketing strategy, then you have come to the right place. With years of experience in all things marketing, we have been responsible for delivering exceptional results for countless clients, and we can do the same for you.


Lead Generation

We will collect email addresses and other contact details from your website/blog visitors, and carry out lead capturing, using forms, popups, bars, etc. The data we find will then be transferred to our Marketing automation/user communication tool, and will ultimately help you achieve your goal.

Marketing Automation

All the leads that are collected through the various inbound mechanisms we use, will be transferred to a single marketing automation platform. We will then use that data to set up the rules and automated actions based on user behavior, like scheduling and sending nurturing and any other sort of campaigns (informative, sales, etc.). Such a system will allow us to essentially turn website visitors into informed buyers.

Chat & User Engagement

We will be communicating and engaging with the website visitors (answering questions, offering help and relevant content/resources) based on user behavior using tools like Bubbleballs/Drift/Intecomm.

Customer Data Analytics

All the events that are triggered by customers/leads (e.g. viewing a web page, clicking on a button, or performing some action on the app or site) will be collected and passed over to all the services we are using on the Inbound stack. This will serve as a central hub for customer data, enabling us to provide accurate and complete customer data analytics for our clients. Reports like Customer Scorecards (CSC) etc. will be created.

Request Demo/Trial/Meeting

After a user clicks on the “Request demo” button, or requests for a demo through any other source, they will be directed to an integrated calendar page where they will be able to select a date that suits them for the meeting, and also enter their personal details to be qualified by the sales & marketing team.

Beyond Automation – CRM

When a lead becomes qualified (reaches a specific score/status) within the Marketing Automation Platform they will be transferred to their final destination (aka Social CRM), where they can be handled on an individual basis. A CRM gives us the ability to record all conversations with a lead, assign and monitor their lead score, move them through different stages on the way to actually purchasing our service, etc.

We go the extra mile when it comes to delivering targeted inbound marketing campaigns that are tailored to your business and focused on delivering unmatched results.

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