Social Media Strategy

Creating a successful social media strategy is both a science and an art. At 360 Celsius, we are aware that an integrated and effective social media strategy combines the power of unique, engaging and informative content, with smart, planning and deployment across all core social platforms to increase exposure to your target audience. For your marketing efforts to make an impact, you have got to have a social media strategy that is able to engage the right audience.

What is a Social Media Strategy?

To understand why having a social media strategy is crucial to any marketing campaign, we must first understand what a social media strategy is. It is no secret that the utilization of social media for marketing can benefit businesses regardless of their size. Many small and medium-sized companies see growth in brand awareness, site traffic, shares and customer engagement when there’s a clear and well-thought out plan at the center of a marketing campaign.

Having a strategy in place allows smaller companies to compete against larger businesses to reach out to more customers. One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is that it’s less reliant on a large budget. Being successful with Social Media for business comes down to creativity and engagement. The lower barrier to entry makes it possible for any business to compete.

360 Celsius helps companies build a presence online by creating a social media strategy that keeps in mind the goals and aspirations of our client. In this way, we are able to create smart and effective social media campaigns that are engaging and relevant to the target audience. By doing this, we are able to improve the online presence of our clients across all social platforms.

How to Craft a Successful Social Media Strategy?

Creating a Social Media strategy that works, consists of the following steps:

  • Understanding your goals — What is the purpose of your social media marketing efforts? Do you want to create or raise awareness of your brand?
  • Creating measurable objectives — Set clear objectives based on your goals. Focus on the S.M.A.R.T. strategy for goal setting to ensure your objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based.
  • Understanding your audience
  • Stealing like an artist from your competition
  • Developing your messages and brand voice — It’s important to be consistent on all your messages, as well as figuring out the best way to communicate with your audience.
  • Choosing your channels carefully
  • Building a content calendar — Your social media marketing plan should include a content marketing plan, comprised of strategies for content creation and content curation, as well as an editorial calendar.
  • A/B testing and optimizing — It doesn’t stop once you define your strategy. You have to keep constantly optimizing and testing different messaging, posting times, content, etc. and refining your Social Media strategy for the best results possible.
  • Constant Improvement — Probably the most significant thing to have in mind about your Social Media strategy is that it should be constantly changing.

Tried and Tested Strategies for Increased ROI


Technology is constantly evolving. As new networks emerge, businesses may want to test them and evaluate their fit for their brand/company. As they achieve their goals, they will need to set new targets, which will lead to more challenges. Unexpected challenges will arise that will need to be addressed. As the audience starts responding to your brand message, you need to measure engagement, keep what works, and get rid of the rest. This is why it is so important for businesses to keep on updating their social media strategy to reflect their latest insights, while making sure that their team is fully aware of the latest changes that have been made to their social media marketing campaign.

To truly get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, you are going to need a strategy. 360 Celsius is geared towards creating effective strategies for cross-platform social media marketing campaigns, engaging content that’s tailored to the specific needs of your audience.



For businesses, it’s an exciting time to be on Instagram. The popular photo-sharing app is not only fun and simple to use, its popularity is also growing significantly. With over 700 million monthly users and user engagement levels through the room, this is the place to be if you like sharing pictures of your business with your audience. Here is a list with some of the tactics we uncovered that could help you grow a bigger, relevant audience on Instagram:

  • Posting Strategy — Being consistent and finding the right time to post on Instagram according to your audience can boost the level of engagement of your posts, and eventually increase your account’s visibility, along with the number of followers you have.
  • Hashtag Research — Much like with SEO, when you are competing against other accounts for the ranking on specific keywords (hashtags in our case), performing research in advance and optimizing your posts with the right hashtag groups, can be a game changer
  • Cross-Promotion — We are not alone out there. By partnering up with non-directly competing accounts, we could increase the followers of your Instagram account in an organic, optimized manner that generates a loyal, engaged following.
  • Micro-influencers — Leveraging the power of targeted micro-influencers with an already established following can help an account growth fast as long as it is producing relevant, high-quality content in a consistent manner.
  • The Stories — As with Instagram posts, stories deserve their own strategy, theme, and approach (hashtag strategy, location tagging, etc.) as they have become one of Instagram’s most used features.
  • Live Broadcasting – As one of Instagram’s latest features, live video broadcasting can give your account a huge boost. Not only is your account placed on top of other users’ stories as soon as you go live, your followers also receive a notification on their phones to tune in to your broadcasting.


Your customers and prospects use Instant Messaging applications daily. It’s a trend that’s going to continue even more, with Facebook Messenger dominating the messenger space.Large companies such as United Airlines, Pizza Hut, Denny’s Diner, Focus Features, and Patron, just to name a few, are way ahead in the customer service department. Why? Because they all have chatbots implemented into their social media channels. You can do the same for your business, regardless of its size.

Ensure Your Customers Get Quick and Personalized Assistance

Chatbots are very easy to use. With Facebook Messenger, you can create bots with Quick Replies. Quick Replies are pre-filled options that a user can choose if one matches their need. For example, a customer is greeted with an automatic welcome message asking them to choose the appropriate option. If they need to find the closest store location, they would select the appropriate Quick Reply. The bot would respond asking them to send their current location and then it would provide them with the store closest to the sent location.

An increasing number of businesses are using chatbots because they make it convenient for customers to get help quickly. With today’s technology and people’s skills, you can program a chatbot to do a number of things. And that’s exactly what businesses are doing. Making it easy to order or reorder certain menu items, subscribing to news updates, playing trivia, or just something as simple as notifying a customer of a store’s business hours.

Activities Towards Messenger

This is a list of the most typical activities we perform in a tailored manner for your eCommerce site.

  • Create a strategy around the bot and potential user needs it could fulfill.
  • Generate automation flows according to the strategy, with email captures, Messenger bot subscription and even payments via PayPal to your eCommerce site.
  • Implement the Messenger chatbot flows for your eCommerce Site (e.g. subscribe to news, receive the outfit of the week suggestion, check the product catalog, etc.).
  • Create a bot launch strategy, tying the bot to existing promotions and potential benefits to users, so they feel the urge to subscribe (e.g. run a contest through Messenger, boosted through Paid Advertising to skyrocket the signup rates).
  • Go live with the chatbot, test and optimize the flows in order to achieve the highest possible conversion rates and completed flows.