Spectacular Videos

At 360 Celsius, we will help you to not only spread your message across the vastness of the internet, but to also carry it directly to the heart of your audience.
We ensure that you are not only heard, but understood, not only seen, but truly felt.
The best opportunity to inspire, as well as inform and compel, is delivered through our extraordinary
video production, that brings your story to life.

Magnificent Video

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Your Growth Lab

Our specialty is Growth Hacking. We use video, to increase your growth towards your goals. Those we have to evaluate with you first, so we attain a deep understanding of what matters for you. This way, we can develop the most suitable concept for your needs and create the ideal video for your success.

We reach Brain & Heart

To transport your explanation or message effectively, is what we are able to do because of well researched methods. According to science, information that should stick with people, has to touch their heart as well as their mind. That for storytelling is the tool of choice. Wether getting those giggles for your idea, or touch souls to leave no eye dry and inspire to heroic bravery, our stories touch and move viewers personally. This is where the „More than xyz produced Videos“ part is, with a picture of the founder. I have no clue about the expertise/track record for now, so it’s something that could use attention. For now I’d go with:
As we have worked for a variety of clients across various industries, we know what really matters. Personality and professionality are our top priorities.


Simple Explanatory Video

No matter how complex your concern, through our intelligent analysis and sensitive adjustment to you and your audience, AHA!-Moments are inevitable. A diversity of styles is available for your explanatory video, from which we work out your individual expression. This way you can be ensured that your message is easy to catch and hard to forget.

Product & Service Video

All the heart and energy that was put into creating and developing your service or product, makes it special. It is an expression of your values and personality. That for it is worthy to be depicted impressively, to bring your potential customers closer to its use and character and increase sales. We help you gain the kind of attention that you deserve, across all platforms.

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Amazing Image Video

Presenting your company, granting people insight to your way of thinking and heart of the business, is a very personal act. It should be done authentic yet outstanding. To achieve this, we develope a specific and unique concept for you, that is representing you accordingly. We take care about your internal and external communication, as well as special occasions, e.g. events or employer branding.


Just talk to one of our team members for a personal consultation, so we can clarify how 360 Celsius is about to grow your success.

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